To grow a robust small press publishing company with in-house production of props and materials, along with general design house capabilities.

To share the knowledge that they gained in the process of creating their game with new game designers and provide aid where possible.

To foster a community of like minded individuals, including fans of Legion: The Game and  other game designers, to make the Southeast an even stronger gaming hub.


Richard Glosson
Co-Owner / Art Director

With over 30 years of art and gaming experience, Richard Glosson combines his talents and passion for tabletop to help create a whole new universe. In 2012 he co-founded Terminus Productions - a small publication house focused on gaming. Their introductory endeavor, Legion the Game, explores the science fiction realm of the Galactic Federation of Humanity and features Richard's artwork in the core rule book.

Richard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Atlanta. As a lifelong resident of the Atlanta area, Richard strives to involve local artists and writers to help foster a love of the wonders that bring joy and entertainment to gamers everywhere. You can typically find Richard happily buried in a mound of art supplies, doodling fantastic creatures and dynamic heroes – or enjoying a PBR at MacCrackens, the local Irish pub.


Mickey Weddington
Co-Owner / Creative Director

The initial idea and design/system for Legion: The Game was developed by Mickey. He manages setting content and continuity as well as supports system development throughout the overall production process.

Mickey founded and managed NERO: Atlanta from 1993-2004, overseeing 30+ volunteers for weekend events of 50 to 200 participants.

From 2006-2013 Mickey served as a managing partner in a 45-year old family owned and operated electrical contracting company that has built high-end homes in Atlanta Country Club and Indian Hills Country Club communities.

Mickey has 36+ years of experience in game design study and development.


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