Legion: The Game is Terminus Productions's inaugural role playing game. A science fantasy role-playing game in which players take on the roles of military heroes, mercenaries, or other creatures on dangerous intergalactic missions. Guiding players on their adventures is the Game Master or GM, who creates scenarios that test the mettle of the players and lead them to glory or ruin. Legion combines improvisational acting and cooperative storytelling to create adventure, mystery, and action.


As a player, you decide all the actions of your character, limited only by your character’s statistics,

abilities, and equipment. You also develop your character’s personality, quirks, and attitudes. He could be an enterprising scout from the fringe or an aspiring Shar-Nithian Lord from the core worlds.


As a game master, you control the galaxy and create the scenarios that the characters explore. The GM brings the Legion universe to life with vivid descriptions and challenging encounters. You control all of the Non-Player Characters or NPCs, from the lowliest tech in a space station to the grim and haggard veteran of the last Great War to the gods that dwell in the stars.

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